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attachment series

In this 3-part series, we show that ‘attachment’ is more than just another buzzword. From early life to adulthood, we tell the story of attachment and focus on how we apply an attachment lens in our understanding of the people around us.

attachment series

part 1: real beginnings
We explore the first steps in this lifelong dance of attachment. We look at the close link between attachment and emotional development. We consider blueprints of our early, important people and the way attachment experiences ripple and repeat through life.

part 2: attachment in action
We take a heartfelt journey with Billy Elliot and his family. Billy is a young boy dealing with life, loss and a fragile sense of belonging. Life for the adults around Billy isn’t much easier, and as happens in real life, there are many competing, overwhelming powers at play.

part 3: attachment and us
We take a look at our own relationships through an attachment lens.
We explore attachment behaviour and how/why it gets under our skin. We focus on ways to create meaningful connection in a world that can often feel so disconnected.

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