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trauma series

In this 4-part series we journey into the world of trauma. We move participants in and out of a dialogue about trauma, how it appears and how we react to it in our working lives. Then we focus on ways to map and capture key trauma messages in our practice.
The series ends with participants being helped to feel safe and strong in the face of the IMPACT of trauma.

trauma series

part 1: trauma essentials
We take a considered approach to trauma, what it is and how it shows up. We link trauma work and practice to safety and share nest essentials in becoming trauma aware.

part 2: trauma in practice
We explore the impact of trauma on Joe and the way it ripples through those around him. Our trauma mapping tool captures key messages that inform practice, finding words to make sense of Joe's story.

part 3 & 4: IMPACT
In these sessions, we explore the reality of the work we do and what drives us in our work.
We unpick compassion fatigue, work trauma and burnout. We offer a variety of resources and techniques that participants can put straight into practice.

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