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new relationships

It's been quite a long time since my last little blog post.. and a lot has been happening. Got married, new baby arriving imminently, navigating new beginnings and endings, new roles and big changes. It's not linear, it's messy, painful, wonderful and real. I often think that knowing about this stuff is such a small part of it all- doing it, feeling it, practicing it, getting it wrong- repeatedly (!!) is all part of the work we all do in our relationships... I'm still working on it all.. are you?

I've been so lucky to meet many inspirational people over the last year or so- people who have been brave enough to open up, be authentic, raw and real. What a privilege it's been- thank you all for helping me to keep on learning.

So.. more learning means new training is here and it's all about caring for ourselves, our kids and each other with empathy and compassion at the core. It's the therapeutic approach to relationships in a nutshell.. but as always with nest- we take a real-life/warts & all look at this..

If you're interested, give me a shout :)

P.S: check out the new acer in my garden... I'm no Monty Don so wish me luck!

Rachel x

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